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Are you tired of the Low Ball offers? You have another Viable option to Sell! We specialize in Alternative Financing Nationwide.

Many of our buyers and sellers are upgrading, downgrading, or just selling, with a “Lease Purchase” Sales Contract. You will get your asking price or Loan Balance even if in a Negative Equity position with a “Lease Purchase”. We have many Quality “Lease Purchase” buyers waiting. There is no shortage of “Lease Purchase” buyers. Everyone will be on the same page before any contracts are signed. We will all know who we are dealing with before any contracts are signed. Let us know and we can contact you direct and explain in detail how the Contracts work and how you are protected with contract law.

This is the safest and best way to do Contract Law between a private buyer and private seller. Any asset of value can be done with a “Lease Purchase” similar to Real Estate except this is Wheel Estate. These contracts are done everyday across the Nation and fit the needs of both buyers and sellers. They are 100% Legal in all 50 States.

* ”We believe we have completed more RV “Lease Purchase” sales contracts than any other RV Company on the Planet!” We have the Contracts down to a Science and know how to protect you and the Asset with Contract Law. You will be able to run the finished contract by your Attorney for review. We hear back from our buyers and sellers Attorney’s with about a 99.99% "Green Light".

If you knew you where 100% Protected with Contract Law and from Liability would you consider doing a Private Lease Purchase Agreement, Owner finance, Assumable, Take over Payment contract with a Private Party with a % down or nice Security Deposit? You can add a interest rate of 5% to 10%. The Norm deposit is around 5% to 20% but can be more or less depending on both buyer and sellers needs. Most contracts are 1-5 years. The new buyer provides full coverage Insurance and Full Warranty. These contracts are Sales Agreement Contracts and the buyers are responsible for the entire sales price once they sign the contract. These are straight “Lease Purchase” contracts not with the option to buy, it is a buy. They have always been around and always will be there just in greater demand today. Any Asset of value can be sold with a “Lease Purchase”. Banks are turning away 7 out of 10 folks and if you can get financing they are asking 30% to 50% down even with ace credit. The Banks are Playing hard ball on these Luxury assets. Most financial institutions really do not want to finance anything older than 5 years old. You most likely are dealing with Cash buyers and they want a Super deal and are throwing out low ball offers and offending sellers. We talk to Doctors, Lawyers, Dentist, Pilots and good folks all over the Nation and for the first time in there lives there not able to get financing on these Luxury Assets. You can get your Loan Balance even if in a Negative Equity position, upside down. We have a Contract Consultant who will help walk buyer and seller through the process. He is an expert in contract law and will do a Federal background check on your buyer and check verifiable References to make sure they are who they say they are and are a responsible party. Contract Consultant will do the contract work and make sure both parties are protected. Let me know and I will contact you with full details about the “Lease Purchase” contracts.

We have many assumable, lease purchase, take over payment prospective buyers. The Lease Purchase Sales contracts are in Great demand. Lots of our customers are doing their own “Lease Purchase” deals. We can put your Coach on our Private Owner Lease Purchase Availability List, all that means is that you may consider doing a Private Lease Purchase with the right folks and the right deal. You can pick and choose who you feel comfortable with. Some folks only need a year. The new buyer can get their own financing “roll the note over” and or pay the balance anytime during the term. At the end of the term it is mandatory to get their own financing or pay the balance. This is the 100% complete buyout. If the Banks are still frozen or they cannot get their finance the contract can be extended by the seller. Most contracts are done on a 1 to 5 year basis but can be done shorter or longer. Every prospective buyer and seller has different circumstances. Our Contract Consultant will do all the leg work – due diligence and give you a heads up about the strength or weakness of the buyer. A GPS Tracking device can be installed in the Coach. We never had a customer have to use it. Everything will be Transparent and everyone will be on the same page before any contracts are signed.

The most important step in a “Lease Purchase” contract is to know who we are dealing with and our Contract Consultant is great at doing his homework on the folks. This takes 99% of the risk out of the factor. We have about a 2% default ratio and all that means is that someone lost there job and or could not afford the payment any longer and we will put another buyer into the Coach from there location. They lose their deposit and all payments they put into the Coach and any upgrades. We will get you another deposit and a new “Lease Purchase” buyer. Of the 2% defaults they all went smooth with no fuss no muss, nobody needs any extra stress. The “Lease Purchase” buyers understand that if they play around with the contract or default and do not cooperate that it is a felony theft charge and you can come after them for the full amount they signed for and put any liens on anything of value that they own. We have never had any customers who had to pursue this avenue. Our Contract Consultant will be working with both buyer and seller to walk you through the process and make sure both parties are protected with Contract Law. 

For faster service please email any questions you may have, or any information requests, to  RV@DreamFindersRV.com   We will reply as soon as possible with an answer to your questions or information you have requested.   We will send you exactly who we are what we do and how we do it and what is available. We specialize in Alternative Creative financing all across the Nation. We look forward to serving you!

VOICEMAIL / TEXT > 256-667-0076  Please leave your full contact information and we will be in touch as soon as possible. For faster service please spell out your email address and please distinguish whether you are a buyer or a seller.

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