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 Dear RV Owner,
Dream Finders RV would like to go to work for you! We will Market and Promote your RV for FREE; You pay us nothing unless we send you a buyer that purchases your RV at the price you want.
Here is how it works. We will market and promote your RV across the internet, as well as offline, at no charge to you. We have our own Creative Marketing and Promotional Strategies that we use over the internet, and offline, to find that buyer for your RV! When we find a Quality Prospective Conventional Loan Buyer / Cash Buyer we will contact you. We will phone and e-mail you with the prospective buyers contact information. We will not be part of the negotiations. You know far more about your RV than we, or any salesman, will ever know. We will work for you on a "My Word Is My Honor Basis" No contracts! We appreciate your Honesty and Integrity! We ask 1% (one percent) of the total sale price for RVs $75,000 and over, or a flat $750 Finder's Fee for RVs under $75,000, upon the completion of a sale to one of the Quality Prospective Buyers we send you. We do not expect any commission (Finder's Fee) till after your check from sale has cleared your bank. If you sell your vehicle to your own prospect, you owe us NOTHING. That’s all there is to it.
We are anxious to get started!
All we need is a
“Green Light” from you.

Just Complete the Simple Registration Form
We will start right away!!

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Greg Watson
256-446-5135     John Hiebel

God Bless You and Your Family!
"Where Honesty & Integrity Still Count"
Also, if you need out of your payments right away we can help! We have buyers waiting. We have several programs available for negative equity situations. We can get you out of all expenses and payments and have a buyer take over your loan balance or asking price even if in a negative equity position.
We provide all our references, etc.
We have an A+ rating with the BBB. We have been in business for 13+ years.
Let our proven marketing, promotion plan, and proven track record work for you.
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Please Call or Email If You Have Any Questions

 We Handle All Calls and Inquiries
We will only send Quality Prospects.
We weed through Prospective Buyers .....
 turning away the scams, etc.
We will give you Tons of Exposure.
We have a Huge List of Prospective Buyers
 who visit our sites for updated listings.
We are Proactive and Actively Market
and Promote each RV listed
If You Sell To Your Own Prospect
 Let's Get Started
Call, Email or Submit Form ... We'll get started right away!!
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PLEASE NOTE: We can get started using photos and information in your existing internet ads; However, If you are computer savvy, please email photos stored in your computer or camera ... even if the same photos in your ads (the resolution will more than likely be fuller and quality much better ..... (HUGE & CRISP … SCREEN-SIZED)). No limit on the quantity of photos. You may want to include a copy of your build sheet / window sticker, floor plan diagram, an updated RV description & other useful info, and a video of your RV. Please send just 3 or 4 photos per e-mail because some e-mail systems choke on large e-mails.

Email photos & Additional Info to 

Send photos with your Smart Phone To 256-366-5792
If you have a large quantity of photos, or video, it may be simpler to download to a CD and send USPS ..... snail mail. 
Address to:
Greg Watson
Dream Finders RV
625 Kasmeier Rd
Florence, AL 35634

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Dream Finders RV

"Where Honesty & Integrity Still Count ... Integrity is Everything!"
"We will never forget that we are here because of you. We are here to serve you."